Important: UVB device orders shipped within the USA require a prescription.

Dermfix Inc. needs to receive a copy (not the original) of your prescription written by a doctor, nurse, dermatologist or other qualified health professional before we can despatch your order to you within the USA.

We can accept this copy during the order process (there is a link to upload at the end of the ordering), and we do also send a link for uploads with your order confirmation. But you can alternatively directly email a copy before or after ordering to:

We can accept most popular file formats such as PDF, Word, JPG, PNG, TIFF etc but we advise keeping these below 10Mb to ensure delivery.  You can even WhatsApp a photograph to us.  Once received and accepted we will confirm receipt.

The prescription can be from a doctor’s pad, headed notepaper, or using our enclosed sample below. Note: We only require a copy. 

There is no exact required wording required (that is up to your doctor) but ideally this should include as a minimum:

Name of the Patient
e.g. Mr. John Doe

Brief Device Details
e.g. “UVB Phototherapy Device for Home Usage” or the model name such as “Dermfix 6000B-T UVB Device for the Home”.

Intended Purpose
e.g. Home UVB Treatment for Psoriasis, Vitiligo or other skin disorder etc

Example Prescription wording on Headed Paper or Doctor’s Pad:

Doctor’s Name & Address:


I hereby authorize my Patient, _____________________________ to obtain a Dermfix UVB 6000B-T Ultraviolet Home Phototherapy Device for Psoriasis treatment. The Patient understands that they must read the instructions manual before using the device, and that they should undertake a skin examination at least once per year after commencing treatment.






Download Word Example_Prescription.docx

Download PDF Example_Prescription.pdf